CUSTOM LOVE SONGS: Express Your Heart, Create Memories, Feel the Love

Follow the moonlight, follow the starlight, fall into my arms tonight... ​”

— from Language Of Our Own

Take their breath away...   

The perfect valentine. Can you imagine anything more heart-melting or share-worthy than a song created just for the love of your life?

The perfect day. Your once in a life time moment deserves this once on a lifetime treasure. Proposal, Ceremony or First Dance Song. Share your love and create incomparable memories with music from your heart.

The perfect match. Inspired by your own personal love story and expressing the mysteries of your heart, your custom song will be written, recorded and performed by smooth jazz legend Tom Grant and Shelly Rudolph.

Tom and Shelly have been performing, writing and touring together for over ten years. Their rapport and chemistry are undeniable, their collaborations inspired and harmonies intoxicating.



For an unforgettable experience and magic of your own...

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Now that we're here together, let the truth be told. I always knew I'd find you, always knew you'd shine like gold..."”