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I Love LOVE feat. Charlie Hunter

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"I Love LOVE" is a funky and tasteful concoction built around Shelly Rudolph's soul-laced vocal layers which shimmy and twist alongside famed jazz-soul artist Charlie Hunter’s trademarked guitar/bass hybrid sound. Join the sumptuous dance party as swanky chanteuse Ms Rudolph weighs in on matters of the heart, sweet delights and the urge to celebrate love all ways, always.


I love LOVE.
Be you singled, doubled, tripled.
Sea salt carameled, mocha fudge rippled. Swooning, pining long time fine-ing Sunday cleaning, midnight steamy.
Come one, come all, come what may. Come celebrate LOVE all ways.
Non-Dairy, extra-creamy champagne sorbet
Dark chocolate sauced, crimson cherry topped
You had me at flambeed, oh! You had me at flambeed.
Butterscotch beauties, blushing ‘neath moonbeams Paramour parfaits melting in the Sundae sun
I see the rainbow sprinkles waterfalling
Sweethearts too full, for any name calling
Oh sweethearts.
Let us gather our honey-kissed rose buds while we may And come celebrate LOVE all ways,
All ways.