From the recording Myth & Shade


I’m cheating on Society.

With Sunday dreams and honeybees
Bossa nova clouds, wide Catalpa leaves
Willow branches swinging low
They’re singing songs of love,
Just for me.

Dahlias, poppies, Queen Anne’s Lace,
Oh how sweetly we embrace
While over the mountains the sea surges deep
Anticipating the eve of my return.

Apple orgies intoxicate
Their boozy breeze obliterates
My clinging to what once was true
Dissolving ill-wed contracts
Into the unswept blue.


Here is where I shall remain
With my new lovers, Myth and Shade
Eyes awake to a world re-made
A world in need of nothing

Fully ready
For full-bodied surrender
For soul-filled celebration
Of leaf and bud and feather
This one precious life that leads forever

Oh my dear mistresses,
I will follow your dare