The Way We Love

Infinity’s pastries we are
Buttery layered lovers of God
Some crunchy, some bittersweet
All of us nutty in our embrace

The Divine’s sweet tooth calls us, propels us
Imploring: Bite in! Use both hands!
Lick your plate.

Now is no time to diet
Nor for reducing the fat in your secret-recipes
Love large! Love as only You can.

Drench yourself in honey
Roll around in the violets
Scoop yourself up with a sugar-coated spoon
And serve.

We are all hungry for the taste that only you can give.

Please! Do not worry
About the crumbs you might leave
In your lover’s beard
Or if your batter is free of lumps.

There is no time to waste!
There is no right way to kiss
All lips open the Beloved’s door.

“This is how I love”
Whispers your tongue
So why not open wide and belt it out?
The trees are already humming along
Shamelessly draping their embrace
Over the earth for all these years

And what do you think those insects buzz on about?
Stirred as they are by the sun’s sweaty song
Oh, and those waxy gardenias
Luxuriating in their own luscious scent

Listen: This is the way I love.
This is the way,