1. Amma

From the recording Water in My Hand

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From Shelly's album Water in My Hand. Written to express and celebrate her mother's healing from a severe car accident.



As she fell to the ground
her soul flew over me,
eyes wide, no sound out loud but
the wall screamed right through me

As she sank into bed
suffocation, the life she’d led
no sound I made out loud but
the walls came tumbling down

Amma, Amma could you leave me?

As she dropped into the sea
I held my breath, could there be
a chance for peace
one moment at least
but I left her all alone
though in the dark I could see

Amma, Amma, can you forgive me?

When memories are want to be forgotten
When a year is lost to sleep
When the sand is deep
And the body’s weak
And words don’t speak

Now it seems, she’s free
She’s leading me back to me

Amma, Amma..
I follow you, you follow me…