DAY 3:What does the world need from me?  LA SAGESSEI began my...

DAY 3:What does the world need from me?  LA SAGESSE

I began my tune in to this question with the guidance of shamans.

Shaman Sandra said: “Settle in to your work in the invisible realms.” Ahhhh yes!” said I.

I knew it was a wholehearted yes because suddenly my runny nose and sniffles and aches receded in to the background, as the invisible sea of love+joy washed over me.

The voice within said: “Today, cultivate stillness. Commit to your work with the invisible. Rest in this wisdom.”

Shaman Mikki then led me to La Sagesse, a paradise hotel on the island of Grenada where I (amazingly!) spent time with my mamma. I let myself dissolve into the deep heat-perfect sea-nutmeg breeze magic of this. When I emerged, feeling sleepy peaceful, I looked up La Sagesse so I could share it with you. It’s meaning a francais? WISDOM. Get outta town! Yep. It’s true.

So here it is for your pleasure, body+soul. Enjoy! xoxo and see you tomorrow!

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