AUGUST MOONSONGAugust moon, melts my heartHow long I have...


August moon, melts my heart
How long I have waited, for this final thaw
August moon, spills me out
In a pool of sonnets, while the breeze cools on by
Just you and I, August moon.

Take my heart, such as it is
Pieced together, with winters we won’t mention
Take my song, to your lips
Broken and parched, such as it is
Such as it is…
Just you and I, August moon

Lift me up
Please, just drink me in
Gulp me or sip me whatever you choose
There’s nothing but this game of me to lose

Once I was lost, now am found
Or tonight I believe
That all is this is true

For you and I, August moon
For you and I, August moon
Just you and I, Just you and I
Now let us kiss.

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