"I love this music. It has the lilt and strength of the blues." - Coleman Barks


I am so passionate about this project and deeply committed to giving it all that I have. My mission has never felt clearer or closer. I have never been more ready or able to put my whole self out there - all the way. 

I believe that we all have powerful gifts to share. I believe that the world needs our gifts, full force, now more than ever. For me... there is an ever flowing undercurrent of joy, a river of love that is always present and I believe that this is my gift: to always be able to tune into this joy & love.

This river of love and joy flows through me and makes me see the sweetness of our humanity. It makes me write songs and poems as a way to convey this love. To ignite this love. To embody this love. 

Because really, that is the whole point of it all. Isn’t it? To love. 

The Wild Bird Project music comes from this place and the album itself is a leaping off point for sharing my gift, for sharing this joy, love and music with you and with the world. 

Sensual, sublime, soulful and poetic, the WBP sound is fresh yet familiar. The instrumental foundation of piano, sax and electric guitar roots it in my beloved terrain of jazz while gospel-inspired backing vocals bring an unabashedly inspirational feel to the mix. These elements in unique conjunction with the meditative, enchanting timbre of the cello combine with my voice to create a siren’s song that calls you home, to the river of love and joy.

David Darling (cello), Chance Hayden (musical director & guitar), David Goldblatt (piano),  Tom Grant (piano), Devin Phillips (sax), Red Ray Frazier (background vocals) David Mathews(piano), Darrell Grant (piano), Dave Captein(bass) 

Here is how YOU can help me complete the album and send all of this wild love into the world. Simply click on the GoFundMe link above where you can peruse oh so many enticing rewards. Choose one that makes you happy and sign up with your pledge! Then please share this video with all of your friends and anyone you know that could use a little more peace, joy and love in their life.  

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.  
I really can’t wait to share all of this with you!

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