The Way We Love

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"A soulful vocalist that prefers not to be contained, (Shelly Rudolph) gives you a taste of what Carole King would sound like if she could kick it out with some real soul---but she doesn’t stop to limit herself there.  A set that took it’s sweet time to arrive, it’s just right for that in between time when you have shrugged the day off but aren’t quite ready for some after hours adventures yet.  With all the pros on board playing like they aren’t watching the clock, it’s all got the right feel and flow to make itself easily at home on your system of choice.  Solidly sweet." - Midwest Record

"Time for rest. And wise listening to music. Time for Shelly Rudolph. Decelerated, tender and brimming with emotion. Shelly herself with a clear voice - sometimes firmly stowed, sometimes suspended - an all-star ensemble (cellist David Darling, plus Tom Grant, Darrell Grant, David Goldblatt or David K. Mathews on the grand piano, Dave Captein on Bass and saxophonist Devin Phillips), led by guitarist Chance Hayden, who, as a husband, contributed to the production with particular care, co-wrote a few songs and, of course, contributed very fine, jazzy sequences. 

No drums far and wide, a fact that makes the tempo in the song world of Mrs. Rudolph finally meaningless and thus generously provides space and time for the instrumental swabs of the musicians involved. Jazz? Sure, too, but not with priority. Rather a special singer / songwriter oasis, the source of which is composed of pop, gospel and jazz flavors. Listening is key! Interested? Then please click here:" - Sonic Soul