I SOUL SHINE: Singing & Songwriting Lessons

Are you ready to SOUL SHINE? I know you are. 

This world needs YOU and the gifts that only you give. The time is through for hiding, procrastinating, second guessing, "no not me-ing." 

I am here for you and want to hear all your tender heart and mighty self has got inside. 

I offer Voice, Performance and/or Songwriting lessons, in the comfort of your own home or in the magical world of my Soul Shine Studio. 

Tailored to you, we will combine vocal technique, performance practice, nerve soothing laughter and some good ol' magic to bring out your highest expression of authenticity, creativity, power, joy and confidence.

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I look forward to hearing from YOU.


"Baby don't you hide your light,
Baby don't you shrink to size.
Baby don't you hide that light,

Shine it bright now,
Give it a try now!"



I have been a professional singer & writer for over thirty years. Singing and sharing my songs and poems fills me with incomparable joy. My mission as a teacher is to support you in blossoming your voice and shining your light: 100%.


You got this.

STUDIO RECORDING SESSION:  Prepare (or even write!) a song and record it with guitarist/producer Chance Hayden, right on the Soul Shine compound, with Shelly's ever present guidance and support at hand.

The act of recording is one of the most powerful, concentrated tools for learning - at any and every stage of the artistic game - and the product is priceless as a gift, a keepsake and promotional tool.

VOCAL JAM BUDDY:  Sometimes we just need a buddy partner to get ourselves out there! I will help you pick your songs, join you at a local jazz jam, introduce you to musicians and fellow singers, get you in the lineup, cheer you on and offer post-jam feedback. If you like, we can even perform a song together as it can be inspiring, energizing and comforting to share the stage with another supportive singer.


TO SCHEDULE please contact me HERE.


Private lessons: $60.00 for one 45 minute lesson OR $200 for a package of 4 lessons.

Studio Recording: Contact me for special arrangements and pricing.

Vocal Jam Buddy: $80 per outing.

PREP: Please complete this (fun and informative!) QUESTIONNAIRE and return to me via email or bring to your first lesson.

PAYMENT is due at the time of lesson via check, cash or PayPal.

CANCELLATION policy: Soul Shine Studio has a 24-hour cancellation policy.  If you are unable to attend your lesson please give at least 24 hours notice or payment will be due. Click here for additional attendance policy information.

Please be in touch with any questions or comments. Soul Shine Studio sincerely appreciates you and your feedback!

Thank you!