Tell me. What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver



Inspired by the desire to truly live my "one wild and precious life" while sparking others to do the same, I have created SOUL SHINE! Shows. These unique events combine live music with the practice of Heart Treasure Mapping. The music sets the mood - dreamy, evocative and joyful - while serving as an invitation and transportation into your own imagination and wisdom.

Much like going to a yoga class vs than watching a video at home, Heart Treasure Mapping in an I SOUL SHINE setting deepens and enhances the practice; harnessing the power of music and poetry to soothe the mind and open the heart. Gathering together in this sonic and creative space sparks authentic connection, serendipity and smiles!

We all want to live our lives.     
We all want to make a difference.     
We all want to thrive.     
We all want to SOUL SHINE.     
We all can!

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I magically discovered Heart Mapping as a result of, yes indeed, following my heart! Originally created for students as a method for "writing from the heart" I have adapted it into an practice for wild & precious life-living from the heart.

Heart Treasure Maps are inner vision boards that ignite heart-centered action, practical magic and soul shine.

It begins simply enough with a sheet of paper and a pencil. Using my contemplative, theme-centered questions as a guide, the magic begins. Following my Soul Siren lead, you dive into the deliciously deep, and perhaps uncharted, waters of your heart to discover the treasures within.  Re-emerge with a beautiful inner-vision map of your own and soul shining bright. 

Heart Treasure Mapping:

Collects whispers from your soul. Inspires practical magic and magical action. Gives voice to the mysteries of your heart. Opens the door to a radiant, heart-centered life.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ”

— Anais Nin

Everyday I meet beautiful, powerful, loving people who are blessed/cursed with an abundance of talents and possibilities. Who want to do something meaningful and helpful. Who want to thrive. Who want to live fully their one wild and precious life. 

Shining souls just like you, just like me, who are dimming down because of fear. Fear in the shape of anxiety,  overwhelm, confusion, excuses, procrastination and lack. This. Breaks. My. Heart. 

Imagine - really. Take a deep breath and take this moment to imagine what your world would be like if you were now fully living and loving your life. What a gift! What blossoming joy! Now imagine the reverberations of this in your family; in your community. Imagine a world filled with, fueled by, these radiant, joy-filled soul sparks. 

This vision gives me the courage and strength to step out and step up as mightily as I can. It is not easy! I am scared!  

But truth be told, it was not an altruistic nature that inspired me to be here with you.  It was feeling my very own heart break from the half-light life I was living. It was a beautiful and lucky life, a stressed out, exhausted life, a blessed life, but a smaller life than I knew lived inside of me. 

Quite simply it was the pain of not fully living, not fully leaping, not fully shining, that brought me here to you. 

The world awaits the gifts that only you can give. 

Are you ready to truly live, thrive and shine as only you can?  I know you are! 
Let’s do this. Let's SOUL SHINE! 


You know just what to do. Have a little faith and see it through. It's bright when you close your eyes, seek, leap & ye shall find...”

— from "Faith" by Shelly Rudolph

Heart Treasure Map Guide: What Makes My Soul Shine?  

Welcome lovely! Thank you for being here. You are about to embarking on inner vision adventure with your heart as guide and your soul as terrain. Let's go! 

SETUP: Gather your Heart Treasure Map Kit and some sips & snacks. Settle yourself in to your spot and stop here for this moment. Breathe deep. Smile. Listen. Breathe some more. Ahhhhh. 

It is time to go on a sweet and nourishing journey to your true heart. Let the music seep in deeply; relaxing and transporting your mind to a place of delight, freedom and ease. Feel your body here, now, in this lucky spot with nothing to do, nowhere to go. 

When you are ready, follow the prompts below and begin your Heart Treasure Mapping adventure. Let the words, images, phrases and half-phrases, flow freely from the center of your being. Unfettered, unedited, unabashed. Like waves spilling onto your page... 

START by drawing a heart. You may want one large heart in the middle, two hearts that represent interior and exterior lives or overlapping hearts that create something new in their meeting. Do what feels right to you. 

Dive on in to the center of your heart. Invoke and express a time when you have felt fully alive, embodied, plugged in, overflowing with YES. 

Moving outwards on your page, explore these questions: 

What activities, events, people, places in my life bring me that feeling now? Are there secret, hidden, unrevealed yearnings or delights to be explored, as well as the more obvious ones? 

Who inspires, focuses and intensifies my shine? Who do I share my shine with? Who inhibits, dims and diffuses my shine? 

What do I need to shine more? What do I need to let go of to shine more? 

What steps can (will!) I take to reveal, cherish, share and celebrate my shine? 

Finally, invite the magic of the universe to unfold and manifest the treasures of your heart. You are amazing. You have gifts to give that only you can give. The universe loves your Soul Shine! And so do I. 

Enjoy it then! xox,