Slowly I Go (excerpt)

Slowly I Go (excerpt):

I was taking my own medicine this morning, meaning: singing this song in hopes of centering, of calming my anxious  body-mind when it hit me: going slowly is like a whole body, whole being prayer. Rushing about, I ignore the truth that every little molecule, every little morsel of life - this sink, this toothbrush, this monkey mind - is pure love, pure magic, truly a gift. I can try to make myself see and feel this truth by adding a gratitude mantra to my already overloaded list of self-help to-do’s OR I can simply hum this song and suddenly… I am breathing and smiling, living and loving true. Ahhh the power of poetry and song!! So delicious.

That’s why I’m committed to “following my passion,” and traveling this rocky path of being an artist. It’s not my flame that keeps me burning, it’s the flame of The Soul, which ignites us all. May your souls shine bright today lovelies! Thank you for listening. xoxo

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