One Day

One day she left it all.

For the mere scent of a gardenia.

No man attached.
No plan attached.

She just up and left.
For her body could no longer bear
Winter or tights
Or the all too infrequent and…

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The Way We Love

Infinity’s pastries we are  
Buttery layered lovers of God  
Some crunchy, some bittersweet  
All of us nutty in our embrace  

The Divine’s sweet tooth propels us Towards  
Imploring: Bite in!  
Use both hands!  
Lick your plate.  

Now is no time…

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How do we live in love, stay on path in times like these? How do we comfort our souls, how do we comfort our beloveds, our neighbors, our unmet selves? How do we nurture and soothe our love-magma cores so…

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Winter breaks
And my heart too
Soft and tender shoots
Bursting, thirsting towards the shining
And even the snow delights in the melting
Of this meeting
While inside
The mountains sigh
As their winter coat is lifted
And their silent…

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